The perfect sponge cake

The perfect sponge cake

It’s simple and light, but it takes very little to make it heavy. What am I talking about? Sponge cake, one of the most used dessert bases.

Do you want to go beyond the usual recipes and discover the secret to the perfect sponge cake, like in a pastry shop? Keep reading my advice!

The more technologically advanced of you will search the web for a basic sponge cake recipe while the more traditionally inclined will jealously safeguard an egg and flour marked recipe card with your grandmother’s list of ingredients.

And both types will ask themselves why they aren’t able to achieve the results they had hoped for even though they followed the recipe to a tee.

Today, after many years as a pastry chef, I want to reveal what your grandmother didn’t write on that recipe card and what that YouTuber doesn’t know…tips for a perfect sponge cake.

Make sure the eggs are room temperature before beating them with the sugar and never add them to the ingredients if they are straight out of the fridge.

Substitute part of the flour with potato flour, this will help the ingredients to blend together better, making the batter softer and avoiding the typical “I can taste the flour” effect.

Sift the dry ingredients so as to avoid clumps and ensure a homogeneous batter

Preheat the oven 20° more than what the recipe calls for so that the cake enters the oven at a stable temperature and guarantees even baking.

As you very well know, sponge cake is one of the most versatile cooking basics and you can have fun with creative ideas- and your sweet tooth- in decorating and icing it with any type of cream, ganache, fresh fruit…the more you have, the more you add.

Try making your perfect sponge cake with these tips and let me know how it goes!






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