The birthday cake is the symbol of my passion for pastry-making: I bring the same enthusiasm that drove me in the creation of the cakes for my daughters’ parties to the preparation of cakes for your special occasions.


Creativity is a fundamental ingredient in pastry-making, not only in cake design, but also in the creation of a recipe.


A special respect binds me to artisanship, through which I always try to achieve a new lightness, even in the most common sweets such as those for breakfast.


Traditional desserts are often not only the easiest, but also the ones that evoke smells and tastes that awaken memories, this is why I commit myself to valorising traditional recipes made with high quality ingredients.


Experimenting means playing with, trying, combining, but also renewing classic recipes in a healthier way by introducing the use of ingredients like unrefined sugars, extra virgin olive oil and stone-ground flour.


Leavened desserts, rigorously made with sourdough, such as panettone and Easter dove cake bring with them a certain charm because, just like the most important things in life, they come from a combination of action and waiting- we put the ingredients together and wait for the magic to happen.


The creation of a dessert is a question of balance, as can be noted when trying Nilde’s cream, carefully balanced in its ingredients and its preparation, capable of being the protagonist on its own or of contributing to a great show in a cake.


The foundation of a good cake, like that of an important project, must be stable but light, this is why I take particular care when making a sponge cake, an element that is as simple as it is fundamental.


In some of my cakes you will be surprised to find a crispy pastry: it is functional to give structure to the dessert and, in reality, also to make it more fun, because to be well structured you must also know how to surprise.


The encounter between sourdough and flour gives life to a series of aromas and flavours that awaken memories able to make us return to our childhoods. From the fusion between sweet and savory at aperitif time, a new magic is born to be discovered.




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